Tired,bored. From 1999 (2011)

Im tired, Im bored,Cant take no more,Im floored. You been doing nothing. Im tired of doing nothing.Im shot,Im shat,the ninth life of a sick cat.Thet say its a dogs life.Dogs say nothing dogs say ruff.Im tired im shattered,a boxers head bloody battered.You never been in a real fight.Your like me you dont know nothing.Im tired,Im knackered,as if it bloody mattered. Im crawling,appauling,A moulding tarpauling.No strength,no stuff,quite simpley had enougth. Cant walk,Cant sit,Dont eat,still shit.Im tired bent plyered, bent nails and bald tyres.Shes gay, Im grey,nout to do, nout to say. Summertime,over ripe, Wintertime, burst pipe.Go work,Go shop, Get up down drop.Im tired of car throttles,gas bottles. People falling out the bars, swirling in their crawling cars. im tired, Im shattered totally fuckin knackered.Of the tele. of the pub,of always eating the same grub.Ive been training in complaining, All clean surfaces I am staining, Its a fraying at the edges, All my dreams and all my pledges.Im tired,Viking pyred, thirty five and retired.Tired of moonlighting, joint ignihting,wrong and right an fuckin fighting.No bedside,No soft lighting,No pen and paper,No more wrighting.Too short, too long. Swift,swam swansong.

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