Burried deep.From December 1999 (2011)

Buried deep,or just below the surface. A bottle in a dark place, waiting to be opened. Tales to be told.Tastes of fruit. Deep lost times. The harvest of a year of dreams, When nothing could ever truly potray feeling, Until you were reeling,And you were dancing. In a place you felt free, in the dark.And when slowly, In the cold before dawn, We drew together for warmth,And saw the first blades of light,cut through the darkness.You lit a fire for me, In your eyes. Away from the city,what we were, Where we came from. In this place centuries old, A Celtic place, A stone clock, Telling me it is time.Short lived, Eternity and beyond. Playing with magic warned of tragic consequences. A world jealous of another, Princes and frogs, Spacemen and cavemen.Manifesto,Fuck it, Fuck it,Fuck it,Love it,Love it,Love it.Need nobody,Respect everybody.expect nothing,Dream dreams.Depend on yourself,achieve in teams,Be yourself.And learn to shut your bloody mouth.Stand your ground,Advance. Beat the drum,Dance.Did not need no flags after all,Found land no man can conquer.Shared it once so know its real.Who are you.Where you from kid.A million dreams crossed in traffic,Impressed by the sadness,fantastic worlds living together without communication.Keep it private,and shout about it. I am full of shit,yes,And bones,And blood,And magic. I dont want my dreams to come true tomorrow, they would cause pain to so many people.Here comes the end of the century,Who shall we remember and citate.Today no carpenter has been nailed to the beams,Roofers have fallen to the street,The threadbare still beg at your fee. We all have our doubts of the realities of this world,However much we are capable of dealing with it.Where ever we come from,Whatever the outcome,We are free to fall in love,to learn from one another,To learn in suffering, in humiliation,With patience will peace come.Cut your boats loose, my copper oiseaux is flying to meet you.

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