Sale of Milk part 2.from 1990.Amsterdam park up (2011)

And the woman are poor sale, and do not promise to be pure and clean.Sewed into the dreams of my wildest dreams,Trained tigers attacking in teams.Dressed only in a suit of liable,armed with only the Morman bible.And while john the baptist looks for his head,Another shilling is put on the bread.A man with a wood plane built a fine bi-plane,cut all his losses and flew down to Spain.The police who were not far, saw all from a black car And thinking it strange had followed him there.He was found in a green suit playing a cane flute,not hearing their coming till they started to shoot.He stood tried explaining whilst bullets came staining and heard not a word that he said.And in town the news they heard,ANOTHER SHILLING ON THE PRICE OF BREAD.And whilst Christopher Robing raped and beat Alice,A trained team of tigers arrived at the palace. From the ghettos and towns came the jugglers and clowns and into the streets the animals bound.The number 9 bus,It screeched and it hooted,the clowns bared their bottoms and holared and tooted.It was war it was crazy, it has to be said,But what can you do when they take all your bread.

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