Sale of Milkpart 1.from 1990.Amsterdam park up (2011)

Sale of milk aged probably aged 31.In a tent,in the Egyptian desert at sunset.I repplied in a satisfactory manor,I am convinced,I accept your plan.I hurried down the scaffolding,uses change,craft develops,And the age advances at aproxamatly thirty three miles an hour.We observed a constant elavation of water.Drag the slow barge Or drive the fast car.And all the bakers put a shilling on the price of bread.Roll on roll off ships.1 banana,4 tomatos and a sack of pottatos.It was not a time for the Victorian moralist,the fiscal facist Or the Cuban Cubist.It was a time for meditation,whilst others lost in legislation,And after savage mutation and religous elevations the bakers put another shilling on the price of bread.The times were hard,People shuffled by,Their lives worries in their feet,Dribbled at the butchers window,stood at awe at the sight of meat.Thought perversly oflamb chop and mince,Cleaned cars there had been no fuel for,for five years since. And in the Red part of town,A black man trys to sell you white.The white he says is pure and clean.And a White man trys to sell you black.The Black he says is pure and clean.....cntd

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