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09-08-2018 - Written by Alby


Very soon

30-07-2018 - Written by Alby

Coming soon 1

New adventure coming soon

30-07-2018 - Written by Alby

Coming soon 2

There coming

30-07-2018 - Written by Alby

Coming soon 3

What with all the Tea breaks

30-07-2018 - Written by Alby

Coming soon 4

We are working on it

19-02-2014 - Written by Alby

Walking the dog

Well I have been absent here,but I have been busy well, in my sort of way. The last two years has been spent trying to set up a large museum show,It is hell,for every possible reason all together. still trying bu...[Read the next]

05-01-2013 - Written by Alby

Happy new year one and all!

Busy busy at homelots of pics on the go,plans for shows in Corsica with Anima latter this year and the grand project at Corte comtinue with the help of Damieon and Julie Tristani,Great thanks to all who put up with me and my great kids for all the love they spoil me with..........xxxxxx

06-03-2012 - Written by Alby

I'm not waiting on a lady....;

Truth is The Lady in question has been waiting on me for over 2 years,Commisoned by Jak Pasquali for Andrea......dressing in black, living life in Colour....Happy birthdays Andrea xxx

06-03-2012 - Written by Alby


This was an old bed head found by a wheelie bin it has a frame I painted Gold it now lives happily in the Tribbera Brassere owned by my good friend Marco...I painted this....and thats that, Its good to paint tomake people happy ....

24-02-2012 - Written by Alby

More work in progres

Continuing this piece size 140 by 100,amongst a few others,with the venice tripple oil coming to an end ,a new ink on canvas,coming soon....

12-12-2011 - Written by Alby

In The Ink

Coming up to the end of this inks work as I cross the 300 hour mark of dip dipping my nib

05-12-2011 - Written by Alby

Venice,Work in progress

This is keeping me of the streets at the moment

05-12-2011 - Written by Alby

Venice, work in progress

Part 2

05-12-2011 - Written by Alby

Venice,Work in progress

Part 3

21-11-2011 - Written by Alby


November,get out your Tom Waits,its damp but colourful,stay inside,Tea or coffie,watch the rains steam snake around the valley,New works coming soon

22-04-2011 - Written by Alby

When the boat comes in

Ahhhh tit good come and visit my children.Back in Corsica,some holiday time with children and continue to work on a series of paintings from my trip to Venice last year,I raise my glass of turps to you all...see you when I get back

21-04-2011 - Written by Alby

Great night great show great gallery great area great company great Britain

Well I must say,when I drove down the Corsican mountains at 3 in the morning to go to Bastia, to fly to Paris,to fly to London,I was already engaged to enjoy myself.I revelled in a long wait in Paris to catch up on the latest in luggage design and airport security and I felt jolly safe because its always a worry to hear about all those terrible "different" people in the world, all those fanatics, well it does make one worry and when we are in a public area its nice to have ones army bodding about the place in fine big boots and machine guns which are surely the latest cry,a machine gun I probably paid for somewhere along the line,I did not mention it, I did not ask to borrow it.But isnt life worrying. I mean even in France the Socialists well tipped for doing well in the local elections,actually did not do to badly. when the 3 major? channels which are obviously ...[Read the next]

11-04-2011 - Written by Alby

The Queen Is Finished!

All made up in her bestest dress but will she show up for The wedding?

09-04-2011 - Written by Alby

Dresses for princess

Ah out in the afternoon sun after much fuss setting this up with half a sawn up manequin a large flower pot some wicker and cut up lorry inner tubes, now already for the ball away to London in a suitcase

09-04-2011 - Written by Alby

Easter picnic

Grab your best Easter bonnet or Hoodie and come on down to the Brick Lane Gallery,London the 13th April. A hamper full of goodies to feast your eyes upon

20-03-2011 - Written by Alby

Pyre 1

In the passing light of a winters evening,

20-03-2011 - Written by Alby

Pyre 2

Birds sing and under the bridge water choruses

20-03-2011 - Written by Alby

Pyre 3

Owls take to the high branchs of the denuded chestnut trees to take advantage of the rising full moon

20-03-2011 - Written by Alby

Pyre 4

Guitars lay in the garden, evening dew light on their varnish,vagrant empty bottles,head full of great ideas but silent

20-03-2011 - Written by Alby

Pyre 5

The mountains around looking as soft and safe as a sunday morning bed, but beneath the covers cows and boars search out the last hidden oak glands

20-03-2011 - Written by Alby

Pyre 6

Spring tommorow,everything promised a new,I find myself treasuring fragile ruins

20-03-2011 - Written by Alby

Pyre 7

A dead dull hum frowls the mountains walls as jets and refeuling aeroplanes fly out to Libya to give freedom and democracy to oil once again

20-03-2011 - Written by Alby

Pyre 8

The planes part into the silence to cause mayhem, mice and rats are out from the rocks hollows and the owls hone in

20-03-2011 - Written by Alby

Pyre 9

The night is clear the cows pass the village eating the verges on their way

20-03-2011 - Written by Alby

Pyre 10

Who knows whats going through the cows stomachs who knows whats carried in the winds this night and lays innocent in the water in the nature and even shines like diamonds in the spiders web

20-03-2011 - Written by Alby

Pyre 11

When on a clean sheet of paper falls a drop of blood and suddenly looks like a flag, suddenly looks like a 30km exclusion zone

20-03-2011 - Written by Alby

Pyre 12

All we hold true,all we care for going up like a ritual fire, standing there,nowhere,watching the flames lick the full Spring moon like the Devils tounge.

19-03-2011 - Written by Alby

Brick Lane show London 13th -25 April

I will be showing some of my work at Brick Lane Gallery in London as part of the "Art in Mind" show. There will be mainly my inks works with a few coluor in oils and also the dress which has not been shown since its return from America.Those who can do please try to come along, or follow the show on their site

13-01-2011 - Written by Alby

Plastering on the make up

Another little by little

09-01-2011 - Written by Alby

Ah finally breakfast arrives..

The egg beans and mushrooms man..

09-01-2011 - Written by Alby

Preparing for trouble

Restraining sensations of hunger the onslaught of demands of revenue with thieving fingers,our piss poor painter carries on. Why? because

04-01-2011 - Written by Alby

Little by little...

Cafe filling up

04-01-2011 - Written by Alby

Going to the chapel baby..

From a Penzance night

03-01-2011 - Written by Alby

Little by little...

Waiting for his breakfast...

04-12-2010 - Written by Alby

At a snails pace.

Leaving traces of paint

03-12-2010 - Written by Alby

En suivant ses tableaux

Ca avance

03-12-2010 - Written by Alby

En suivant ses tableaux

Petit a petit

02-12-2010 - Written by Alby

Sculpture drying

Well I enjoyed doing this, going to let it dry,probably end up painting straight on it.

30-11-2010 - Written by Alby

En suivant ses tableaux

Son amie, Myriam, a pass la 1re couche de noir.
En attendant que ca sche quelques jours la chaleur du pole. Elle aime voir l'apparition des sujets des couleurs.
C'tait magique. Priode intense. Comme une naissance.
Je prends des photos pour donner une ide de la construction de sa peinture. Bonne toile.

23-11-2010 - Written by Alby

Alby s'amuse

Deux ans passs, son amie artiste Danielle Jacqui lui laisse un bloc de 12kgs de cramique blanche.
Il le retrouve dans sa cave, non pas oubli mais en attente, le met sur sa table de cuisine et pour ...[Read the next]

16-11-2010 - Written by Alby

Trip to the Provence

A very quick trip to the Provence that was great fun and all hands on deck pushing forward the Art singulier movement in all directions.
The permanant collection in the museum of Nice is now just a matter of paperwork, Michel Bepoix is now up in Paris being a busy little bee, sorting out the less enjoyable side of the project, the paperwork and Anne Devroye-Stilz, conservateur of the Muse d'Art Naf are in the process of setting in History the Art Singulier Movement and I and all concerned thank them for all the...[Read the next]

02-11-2010 - Written by Alby

The website is online

A big hello, welcome to, well whats before your eyes. There are over 360 pictures out there somewhere here are a few and I will add more as time goes on.
The pictures are of a socio-politic nature and are painted to be seen and at times become part of a forum which concerns us and all the guises of our emotions. Some pictures are a little on the edge and maybe there should be somekind of warning but watching the news this evening, I doubt it.
A big Merci to Christophe and Isabelle for all their hard work and patience building this site. I will now try to keep loading my guns with paint and bashing on.....Welcome.

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