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16-11-2010 - Written by Alby

Trip to the Provence

A very quick trip to the Provence that was great fun and all hands on deck pushing forward the Art singulier movement in all directions.
The permanant collection in the museum of Nice is now just a matter of paperwork, Michel Bepoix is now up in Paris being a busy little bee, sorting out the less enjoyable side of the project, the paperwork and Anne Devroye-Stilz, conservateur of the Muse d'Art Naf are in the process of setting in History the Art Singulier Movement and I and all concerned thank them for all their help and courage as it has been an enormous task for all concerned.
I also met up again with long time friend Danielle Jacqui. We met up at her huge workshop at Aubagne where she has been working these last years on a monumental projet which you can see on the link of this site. Eachtime I visit, I feel, I have the chance to be present around this unique treasure. There is also a new an rather incredible project for another monument and I am working with Danielle at this moment on the architects plans and will post up next month more details on this project.
Other projects at this moment, with my own work concern another important museum in Quebec and the offer to show at the Brick lane Gallery in London next April.
So all in all a busy few days in France, a chance meet up with Henri and Anne Sotta after nearly 20 years was also a fine moment, an important French collecter who organises a multitude of shows in France and has continued to show my work of which is always an agreable surprise to find again in catalogs after so many years and I salute them for their unfailing passion as they continue with energy even at over 80 years old.
Also a trip to "le point de bascule" at Marseille was a lively evening in this new flourishing art associative, always encouraging to see people living their liberty at all generations of age from pushchair to Zimmerframe the spirit is alive an kicking.
Well must get on with Danielles project now and theres a traffic jam of pictures drying behind the wood burner.

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